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The SEAL AND COAT "S" logo is synonomous with superior quality, professional results all offered in an affordable and cost effective package to give you a dramatic enhancement to your property.  A driveway or parking lot is the first thing your neighbors, family, friends, associates, clients, customers, etc. see.  Why not give your property the best possible impression by letting SEAL AND COAT seal coat your parking lot or driveway.  Beautiful results that save long-term costs in your pavement maintenance budget, all while adding value and appeal to your real estate.  It's a win-win sitatuion with SEAL AND COAT. GET THE SEAL - FROM SEAL AND COAT, and help double the life of your blacktop asphalt pavement. Click Here to request your FREE ESTIMATE and no obligation pavement evaluation.  You may also reach us by calling (860)-874-8444 anytime. Click Here to request your FREE ESTIMATE and no obligation pavement evaluation.  You may also reach us by calling (860)-874-8444 anytime. We offer FREE estimates and no obligation pavement evaluations for any homeowner, business owner or property manager in our service area interested in our services.  Contact us today for your free asphalt seal coating, hot our crack sealing/crack repair, pothole repair, line striping and traffic marking painting, or other estimate.
SEAL AND COAT - Professional Pavement Maintenance Solutions.  We offer complete pavement maintenance, repair and enhancement services.  Asphalt seal coating, hot-pour crack sealing/crack repair, pothole repair, line striping and traffic marking painting, cleaning, sweeping & oil spot removal, concrete maintenance, parking blocks and speed bumps, gravel and stone services, athletic surface coatings, garage floors and coatings plus much more.
SEAL AND COAT - We offer you Superior Quality, Professional Results in an Affordable And Cost Effective package to give you an overall Dramatic Enhancement Of Your Property.


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Seal And Coat (SM) Asphalt Seal Coating Services

Seal And Coat (SM) can renew and protect your asphalt pavement surfaces with a high quality, ultra-premium modified refined coal tar emulsion formula with sand and life enhancing additives. We offer premium, professional sealcoating services for all pavements, including residential home driveways, and commercial business parking lots. The products we use far exceed federal and state specifications.

Increase The Value And Appeal Of Your Property
Driveway and parking lot seal coating go hand in hand with other routine maintenance of your home or business. Just like landscaping, such as mowing the lawn regularly, pruning trees, trimming hedges and bushes helps make your property as beautiful as possible, seal coating provides a dramatic enhancement to the appeal and attractiveness of your property. Seal coating is the ultimate enhancement of your overall landscaping. The seal coat we apply restores the deep, dark, black as night color that looks even better than brand new pavement. By providing consistent pavement maintenance while your pavement is still fairly new, you help retain your pavement investment and maximize its life span. If you were buying a car, would you rather have one that had the oil changed every 3,000 miles, or one that didn't have the oil changed till the engine started to fail? By implementing Seal And Coat's asphalt seal coating service early on, you provide a routine maintenance that could play an important part when you sell your property.

Save Money And Long Term Costs
By maintaining your asphalt pavement surfaces, you effectively help double their life span. A small investment now can save thousands, even millions (depending on the size of your paved areas). When you implement a pavement maintenance regimen early on, consisting of regular seal coating every 2-4 years, as well as routine crack sealing, you help stop the most common causes of premature pavement failure. This results in having to re-pave less often and translates to dramatic savings in your pavement budget. You also help minimize liability risks and eliminate safety hazards.

Understanding Asphalt Composition
    Asphalt is a mixture of natural and organic components bonded together with a petroleum by-product tar asphalt "glue".  Essentially, asphalt is a simple mixture of various sized stone and sand partials referred to as an aggregate.  It is then held together and bonded by a hot-applied liquid asphalt that dries after cooling to hold the sand and stone partials together.

Understanding Pavement Deterioration

     Pavement deterioration is an inevitable process in the life of an asphalt surface.  From day one, rain, snow, frost, traffic, and the suns harmful UV rays all play a part to destroy your asphalt surfaces, wearing them thinner and thinner over time.  Fuel and oil also play a part in dissolving the liquid asphalt binders holding the larger aggregate and sand partials together. When all these factors are combined, overtime, they destroy your pavement. Left unmaintained, your pavement will completely fail much sooner than it would have if proper maintenance was provided.

What Seal Coating Does
As the name implies, seal coating provides a protective seal and coat that acts as a weatherproof barrier against oxidation and deterioration.  Rather than your actual pavement taking the abuse of the deterioration process, the seal coat is put in place and wears away instead.  A seal coat applied to asphalt pavement also provides protection from petroleum based spills. By seal coating, fuels and oils, such as gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, and motor oil are prevented from penetrating your asphalt surface and destroying it. These spills are also easier to remove. Seal coating is a cheap, affordable and easy process.  On the other hand, asphalt replacement is an extremely time consuming, expensive and labor intensive process.  Studies have shown that properly maintaining your asphalt surfaces, with regular seal coating every 2-3 years, can more than double the life of your pavement and save substantial costs.  When weighing the small cost of seal coating vs. pavement replacement, it is clear that that a proper pavement maintenance routine is the best solution to preserve your investment, and maximize your driveway, parking lot, or road-ways life span.
     Over time, asphalt loses its black color and takes on a gray, faded, oxidized look.  Seal coating helps give your driveway or parking lot a deep, rich, black look to restore it and make it look like new. Sealing also makes it easier to remove snow and ice from your pavement. It fills the voids and pores and prevents snow and ice from anchoring to your pavement. The black color also helps attract more of the suns energy to melt snow faster.

How Seal And Coat Can Help You

     Our company specializes in every aspect of pavement maintenance, restoration, preservation and protection.  We have the resources and knowledge to utilize and recommend the best procedures, materials and processes to maximize the life span of your pavement and restore it to like-new condition.   Our company was created with the main goal of providing quality and effective solutions, at fair and reasonable prices.  We strive to provide our customers with professional solutions and give them and their surfaces our personalized and detailed attention.

When To Seal Coat
New Pavements
New pavements should be seal coated after about 1 year. Usually, six months is sufficient. It is extremely important not to seal coat too early. This is because fresh asphalt pavement still contains a large amount of light oils that will eventually evaporate and wash away from the pavement. These oils make fresh asphalt very soft and flexible. If these oils are not given a chance to properly cure and evaporate, the seal coat will trap these oils in your pavement, causing permanent soft conditions that could lead to premature cracking and less resistance to abuse.

Existing Pavement
The rate at which you seal coat your driveway or parking lot greatly depends on several factors. These factors include, a visual observation of its current condition, the amount of traffic the pavement is subjected to, your climate, the type of chemicals that may assault your pavement and the abuse it is subjected to. Usually, 2-5 years is a fairly accurate rate at which it should be done. After about 5 years, you should definitely seal coat. High traffic commercial locations may need to reseal after about 2-3 years. For residential locations, about every 3 years or so is average, depending on traffic.

Temperatures & Weather
Seal Coating should only be performed when temperatures do not drop bellow 50-55 at night. This is to ensure the sealer has an adequate time to cure. The seal coat should be applied from sunrise/early morning when temperatures are at least 55 and rising. It can be done into late afternoon, but it is best not to do it in the late evening or at night. No rain, showers or fog should be predicted for at least 24-48 hours to ensure the sealer has an adequate time to dry. The sealing season varies depending on your climate and geographical location.

Don't Seal Coat Too Often
While seal coating is extremely important to provide protection and extend the life of your pavement, as with anything, over-doing it can cause problems. It is extremely important not to do it every year. There is no reason why seal coating should be performed every year, except in extremely rare cases where the pavement is subjected to an extremely high amount of traffic and wear (for example, the road way of a large apartment complex subjected to 100's of cars per day). The reason why sealing the pavement of your driveway or parking lot too often is bad, is because you are applying and caking the sealer on faster than it can wear off. This eventually builds up layers upon layers of sealer, that can crack and peal and appear very unattractive. When this happens, the common "solution" is to add more sealer on top of the already too thick sealer to cover up and fill in the areas where it has pealed, cracked, chipped and flaked. This however, only provides a temporary solution and actually just continues adding to the problem. For this reason, it is best to wait till the sealer is almost gone and you can start to see the bare asphalt aggregate showing thru.
Contact us for your free estimate and pavement evaluation, and we will tell you if its time to reseal yet.

The Products And Materials We Use
Seal And Coat (SM) utilizes a refined coal-tar blend sealer modified with latex-epoxy additives for all its seal coating applications. Coal tar based sealer is the best type available on the market and provides a superior resistance to oil, fuel and other chemical assailants, as well as providing the most durable and longest lasting finish.

During early spring and late fall, as well as in areas requiring fast re-opening after application, we may utilize a Fast Dry, Fast Set or Quick Set Additive to help speed up the drying process of the sealer. This allows the sealer to dry faster, thus, enabling you to walk or drive on the seal coated area sooner. By utilizing fast-dry or quick-dry additives, you speed up the drying time of the asphalt sealer, and your driveways, or commercial locations such as gas stations and fast food drive-thurs can reopen faster and be put in use sooner.

The products we apply are developed to be non-skid by utilizing fine grade silica sand aggregate in the mix of the sealer. This not only helps fill the tiny voids and nooks in the asphalt surface, but also provides a better non-skid surface when the surface is wet. On extremely raveled, rough and aged pavements, as well as those requiring additional skid resistance, we can utilize an extra-heavy sand load into the mix design of the sealer to provide even greater traction.

The other major type of sealer on the market is referred to asphalt emulsion. Asphalt emulsion sealers do not last as long as coal-tar based sealers. Asphalt emulsion sealers wear approximately 50% to 75% quicker than coal-tar emulsion sealers. These types of pavement sealers get their color from a coloring agent added to the mix, where as coal-tar sealers are black by nature. Our colored asphalt coatings are also acrylic based asphalt emulsion formulas. There is nothing bad about this type of sealer, however, research has shown that it does not last as long as coal-tar based sealer. We do not use asphalt emulsion sealers unless specifically requested or you are interested in our colored asphalt coatings

Click here to learn more about the colored acrylic asphalt coatings we offer.

Products We DON'T Use
The third type of asphalt coating product is commonly referred to Gilsonite. This naphtha-based sealer has been banned in some areas because of its chemical make-up. This type of product is most commonly available in Utah and surrounding areas. Because of its solvent based properties, Gilsonite-type sealers are much more difficult to apply and must be done using specialized equipment by competent professionals. This is the only type of sealer that can actually cause harm to your asphalt if not done properly because the solvents of the sealer can actually dissolve the dried liquid asphalt binders in your asphalt pavement. Seal And Coat does not use this type of sealer.

Additional Information

Water is an essential part in the mix design when applying concentrated refined coal tar sealers. Water is also an easy way for less reputable and fly-by-night contractors to increase their profit and leave their customers with an inferior job. Seal And Coat utilizes a minimum amount of water in its sealer mix design to get as much "good stuff" on the pavement and provide a quality, beautiful, long lasting job. Most sealer concentrate can safely be diluted with approximately 25-35% water. Less reputable contractors may use up to 50% water, or more. We usually add approximately 10-25% water. The reason for the range between this number is sometimes certain epoxy fortifying additives thicken up the sealer so much that water has to be added to make the product easy and friendly to use and apply.

Number Of Coats
Seal coating should always be applied in thin, light coats, not thick, heavy coats. The number of coats your pavement surfaces require mainly depend on their current state, the previous maintenance the pavement has received, and the amount of traffic it is subjected to. If your home driveway or commercial parking lot has just started to have the bare asphalt exposed, one coat should be sufficient in restoring it and providing several more years of protection. If it has been a long time (4 or 5 years, or more), since you've seal coated, two coats may be required. On new or never sealed pavement surfaces, most product manufacturers specifications and industry recommendations recommend two coats. This helps ensure you get a quality, long lasting job with maximum protection. Often times, when sealing never before sealed pavement, the rough nature of the pavement causes air bubbles to from which can appear as spots where the sealer failed to be applied or stick. The second coat covers up these spots where air pockets have formed. On areas subjected to extremely high traffic, such as the entrance and exists of gas stations, fast food restaurants, grocery stores, etc., a third coat may be recommended to ensure you get a long-lasting and quality job. While it may add a slight amount of cost to the project, it is easier and less costly than having to bring a pavement repair crew out to the location after a year when the high-traffic areas have worn away and the rest of the pavement still looks good.

The Preparation & Cleaning Process
Proper cleaning and preparation of your asphalt pavement is crucial to ensure a high quality, problem free, long lasting job. More information on this can be found in our Cleaning & Oil Spot Removal section. After properly filling any and all cracks as outlined in our Crack Repair/Crack Sealing section, the basic steps are as follows. First, it is important to sweep and remove any caked on dirt. The second step is to blow any debris, grass, etc using high velocity 180-212MPH leaf blowing equipment. Many "blow and go" contractors just stop here, however, we recognize the importance of property cleaning the pavement to provide an ultra high-quality premium service. After removing all major dirt and debris, we scrub using steel bristled brooms, or power wash, or use a combination of the two using a high-quality, biodegradable environmentally asphalt-safe degreaser to remove any oils, surface dirt, contamination, etc. Oil stains and spots will also degreased to remove a maximum amount of oil from the surface. After thoroughly cleaning the surface, we then apply an oil spot primer to any oil spots and stains to ensure a good bond of sealer to the surface containing the oil spot.

After all cleaning steps have been completed, we take steps to ensure a quality, neat, professional job. Seal And Coat masks off all areas surrounding the pavement to ensure we do not stain any areas you do not want sealer on. This includes using a combination of butcher paper, newspaper, masking tape, as well as shields, to ensure we don't get sealer on anything other than your asphalt. After all the above steps have been completed, we apply the seal coating material as required.

Method Of Application
The method we choose to apply the product with varies depending on the size of the job, type of the job, number of coats and previous maintenance the surface has received. The two methods we most commonly utilize are the squeegee applied method or the spray method. The other common methods besides spray and squeegee, are brushes or brooms, and rollers (such as those used for painting). We usually do not use brushes except for touching up minor areas and near edges of the asphalt, along garages, walkways, buildings, etc. to ensure optimum neatness. Seal And Coat prefers not to use brooms or brushes on the entire surface for several reasons. One, is it tends to apply an extremely thick coat, that could be too thick. The second, is that it can leave brush marks.

Applying sealer by squeegee is a very common method and is the best method for homeowners who do-it-themselves. Rollers just take too long and do not provide good, quality results. The problem with squeegees that some people find, is that it leaves marks. Squeegee marks can be minimized by misting the water with a very light amount of water to act as a lubricant for the sealer and prevent it from drying it too fast. The rest of the trick is something that has to be learned, a technique of working the sealer back and fourth and avoiding back and fourth erratic marks. The main advantage of the squeegee method is that it "pushes" the sealer into the nooks and crannies of the pavement, however, it tends to scrape off most of the sealer off the upper part.

On two coat jobs, after the first coat is done by squeegee, we spray the second coat to ensure you get the best of both worlds. Spraying does not push the sealer into the pavement as well as a squeegee, but in turn, sits on top of the pavement where the tires of vehicles ride and where the pavement is subjected to the most abuse.

The method we choose on your application will depend on the size and condition of your pavement, as well as your personal preference.

We guarantee 99% of our work for a minimum of one year, so you can be confident you are getting a high quality jobs.

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